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Stacy Geiken sees beauty in everything he does. The similarities between his athletic endeavors and his artistic pursuits are a source of joy and wonderment.  

Geiken received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University, B.A. (Journalism),  and his graduate degree from University of Michigan, M.A. (Studio Art, Photography). Geiken has been earning a living making photographs and teaching photography since 1979. He specializes in corporate and editorial photography in the San Francisco Bay Area. Geiken has extensive corporate, editorial and travel photography experience. His book, Bay Area Backroads, was a regional best seller. Geiken provides clients with timely, cost effective, location, studio, portrait, architecture and product photography. He has taught photography in California, Michigan and Africa!

Geiken was a nationally ranked high school, college and post collegiate long distance runner from two miles to the half marathon.  Now, as a father of three, Geiken enjoys supporting the athletic achievements of his children and is an avid fan of Track and Field and Cross Country racing.  Currently, he participates in cyclocross, mountain and road biking.

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